The credibility that Light & Life Academy has garnered as the premier professional photography institute in India, is the result of the deliberate and visionary effort of its founder, Iqbal Mohamed, in fashioning every aspect of the academy, blending the time tested Gurukul approach to education in the most modern of the arts – Photography. A well structured and constantly evolving curriculum, designed to exploit the nature of the place, delivered by a team of committed and easily accessible faculty, focused on the performance of every single student.
The place – Ooty. Where light literally parades its many facets by the moment, inviting you to write visual art non-stop. A calm, peaceful environment, with little modern day distractions, where the locals actually encourage photography. Supported by over 40,000 sq ft. of custom designed campus, with an enviable student to facility ratio, spread over three acres in a setting that is breath taking.A Gurukul, where seeing and observing all that is around you and the impetus to look within and explore your inner vision becomes almost second nature.

Students’ Work


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PG Diploma

The PG Diploma Programme is designed assuming you are passionate about Photography and are focused on making a career in Professional Photography in an area of specialisation.

Photo Journalism

The objective of this programme is to give the participant a good grounding in the techniques and aesthetic of photography with an overview of the fundamental principles of reporting news through pictures.


For Advanced Amateurs / Hobby Photographers, Practising Professional Photojournalists and students of Visual and Mass Communication, LLA offers short duration intensive workshops in specific areas of interest.